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OZONE 2017 KITES ARE HERE NOW ...call ,,or whats app +60133306882


Windy everyday afternoon !  RM $400 Full Day Lesson

BOOK NOW ! Max 4 Pax ! All Gear , Kites , Boards , Lesson + Training

PLAY, Learn, Practice  and have  LESSON ALL DAY

Please click  www.flickr.com/photos/leoleow for more photos of fun in the sun !!

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Good time for beginners to start learning as wind condition is good and sea is calm.

Kite size available from 12 m to 16 m. You can ride for most part of the afternoon with a 16 m, which is a light wind kite for learning. Courses are also available for intermediate to learn jumping and upwind skills and transition. Also available are twintip boards, of sizes like small, medium and large. Directional surf boards are available for learning as well.

Rates are available under "Lessons & Packages"














Good News !! No need to walk up the beach http://s734.photobucket.com/albums/ww341/kiteboardingmalaysia/

Kiteboardingmalaysia kite school has acquired a trailer to bring downwind kiters back to the starting beach for students !! Start from the flat water lagoon and kite downwind.....

Posted 26 Jan, 2010

Very good wind condition with fair weather throughout the whole week and through the weekend as well, and some local kiters organised themselves for a downwinder session to Pelindung Beach. Several Canadians, traveling through South East Asia, came by for lessons and had progressed tremendously well, is one their way to Australia for more kiting sessions.

Posted on 18 Jan, 2010

We have really good wind today with wind strength up to almost 20 knots. There were more than 10 kiters having a fabulous time ripping downwind from Balok Rocks to Duta Village beach.

Wind strength expected to be as good tomorrow. Kites size ranging from 9 m to 13 m is sufficient to give you plenty of thrill ripping the waters.

Posted on 12 Jan, 2010

There is not much wind during the last weekend. However, I was back in KL for a couple of days.

Wind condition should be better in the next 1 week as predicted. Let's pray for wind and hope the inter-monsoon will be short and windy. The current condition is ideal for beginners to learn how to kite.

Posted 5 April, 2010

The beach on Balok is still good for kiteboarding. No worries about floating oil slicks and dirty beaches or polluted water to spoil your day....at our beach..Balok Kuantan

"A bad day on the beach is better than a good day in the office"...


Posted 27 May, 2010



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